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Short Stories from the Heart

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Bootshaus on Frost Lake

From the author of Short Stories From The Heart comes this heartwarming tale of family, fate, and love. Bootshaus On Frost Lake is a treat for the historical fiction lover. A truly wondrous story spanning the ages, starting in the 1920’s, and follows a character rich family. Each new chapter has you falling deeper in love with this family, their struggles, hopes, and dreams become part of your own as you read, until at the end you truly believe that you are part of this family. Kambach and Heartland, outdid themselves with this one!


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Enjoy this incredibly entertaining collection of fiction brought to you by H. C. Heartland. This new anthology features tales of science fiction, comedic drama, dramatic thrillers, and Mid-west American romance. It’s an amazing variety and depth in a collection of short stories from a new fiction sensation!

H. C. Heartland is a rare find in the world of literary fiction. A talented creator of short stories that touch and move the reader in a real and emotional way, Heartland brings her talented imagination to bear in this newest collection of modern fiction. Heartland treats the reader to a touching telling of American Mid-western romance of the sweetest kind in Courage in a Coffee Cup, Falling Asleep at Midnight, and A Morning to Meander. Then, Heartland offers comedic drama in the island tales Lanto and Ferdinand’s Missing Red Hat. No, it doesn’t stop there! Get ready for a suspense thriller in the roller-coaster short story, In the Light of Day and a Sci-Fi thriller in the amazing tale of Harold’s Helmet. Finally, Heartland gives the reader a light-hearted, rib-tickling, cherry-on-top with Chicken Pox Revenge. With a depth and variety seldom seen in new authors these days, Short Stories from the Heart will no doubt be a favorite for lovers of new American fiction.


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By M. Sharrieff

I love this collection! It isn't to mushy or sing-songy. I can only describe it as light-hearted romance. It's real and relatable, it makes you feel good while giving the reader just enough drama to chew on. I absolutely recommend this to readers of fiction and romance. The angle that Heartland takes in her stories is almost the opposite of hard edged, I can't understand why more writers haven't tried this, but this writer pulls it off well. Tied for first place in my opinion would be A Morning to Meander and Courage in a Coffee Cup. Give this one a read and I'll bet you'll love this writer.

By Darrell M Henry

These short stories are very relaxing and captivating to read! Love the writers descriptive and dramatic writing style and sense of humor. Really enjoyed reading the Chickbox Revenge touches the heart and made me laugh too!

By David Kambach

So refreshing! In this world that is spiraling downward, miss heartland captures good old-fashioned decent reading.
Keep them coming. A little tea & a great read heal the heart.

By Carolina "Lane"

This composition of short stories uplifts the heart and the human spirit. H.C Heartland has a way of bringing us into the adventure and making one feel we've lived it! Leaving one with a feeling of wellbeing. I look forward to her next read !!!

By Texas Girl

What a treat to find this charming & sweet collection!! I would say it is definitely worth the read. I look forward to the next collection.


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A Story about a Day in Madagascar

One day on the island of Madagascar illustrated in photos. I wrote it with youger readers in mind, but as a photography book, it will be enjoyed by persons of all ages.

Part of the proceeds will go towards the photographer as can be seen in the books preview pages.